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Who are Frank and Nives?

All trips are escorted by Frank and/or Nives (pronounced Neev-ess or Knee Vest without the T on the end, it means "snow" in Latin) Jelich.

Frank and Nives are native Croatians and speak three languages: Croatian, English, and Italian. They grew up on a remote island off the coast of Yugoslavia. In the early 50's, Frank sailed a small boat to Italy to escape Communism; followed by Nives, who obtained a visa. They married in Italy and soon decided to immigrate to America. They lived on Long Island, NY near other family members. In the 70's, Frank and Nives were invited to relocate their family to Wichita, Kansas and extend Marriage Encounter to the Midwest. They accepted this challenge with enthusiasm.
As soon as they heard about the extraordinary happenings in Medjugorje, "we started saving our money to journey back to our native Croatia. In 1984 our dream came true; we boarded a plane, on our way to this tiny village of miracles.".

Ever since that first trip to Medjugorje, their lives have been devoted to spreading the message of Mary, Queen of Peace. In 1986, they established the Medjugorje Mir Center and Queen of Peace Travel in their home. The word "mir" means "peace" in Croatian.
Since their first trip in 1984, 31 years ago, they've guided more than 250 trips to this place of prayer. Their goal is to personally guide you through your journey of faith and peace.

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