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your Spirit!

Pilgrims Tell Us How They Feel About Medjugorje and Queen of Peace Travel
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you did to make our pilgrimage such a special and spiritual event. We know you dedicate your love of the Lord and our Lady, as well as all your energy and enthusiasm, to make each group's experience something very special. We feel very fortunate about the extra graces we experienced as a result of the extra benefits you included for our trip. And I believe these things would not have occurred had we been with a group led by someone other than you!

I remember our first day in Medjugorje when I first stepped foot inside St. James to attend Mass and thanking God for allowing me to be in his presence at such a holy place . . . I was so moved. I looked up to Heaven and asked "Lord, am I right to think that you are reaching out to me through these special opportunities that Nives is offering to me?"

During the week, I listened more to you, watched you, witnessed your love and devotion to Our Lady and Her Son. Then I knew the answer to my question was a resounding "YES!" Again I realized that had we been with a group led by someone other than you - none of this would have happened. We were blessed and I was fortunate to be with Queen of Peace of Kansas! Thank you!

Just when I thought nothing could top all (the blessings of Medjugorje), you arranged the special 25th anniversary celebration for Fr. Jim - complete with the heart-touching performance of the world famous violinist and guitarist from St. James. The special Mass and intimate talk by Fr. Jozo . . . was also very special - again something that you arranged, that you are responsible for. And we were honored to be in the same room with you when Fr. Jozo recognized you for having developed 1,500 Godparents. You are truly a blessing to many! When David Parkes recognized you in front of hundreds, we were again impressed. I quickly realized that you have accomplished much more than I ever suspected! Then you arranged for Fr. Jim to celebrate Mass at St. Blaise - your work again resulted in many graces for us there - and I was thinking in that ancient church how your network is so wide and how much you do for Pilgrims!

There is more that you are responsible for - the discounts at the shops, connections to a great taxi driver and tour guide (and) a visit to the Castle . . . to hear the story of Patrick and Nancy, to witness their conversion and feel the special spirit that surrounds (them). If men had a chance to hear about the conversions and "masculine" appeal of Medjugorje - then maybe more would go and come back as improved fathers and husbands. That's what I am trying to do; use what I learned and experienced to make myself a better husband and father! And to be an example to other men so they too might take a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

Mark and Cathy (Autumn 2006)
Thank you for arranging and guiding us in the wonderful spiritual experiences that we received in Medjugorje. We have told our friends . . . that we felt we shared in a little piece of heaven. The family we stayed with are wonderful people and good cooks. We were like a family with you and the other pilgrims. May you continue to bring more pilgrims to Medjugorje.
Alonzo and Angela (May 2005)

The trip was wonderful and Pat & I are giving reports to anyone who will listen. It all seems like a dream now. Your special efforts to make the whole trip so meaningful are much appreciated. May God bless you.

On the left, some pilgrims at a local pub in Medujorje.
We wish to express our gratitude to the both of you for making our pilgrimage to Mejugorje so beautiful! We would never have expected the many things you put together for us and our group. We were truly blessed to have been a part of this group and to experience so much love, peace and hospitality. We hope and pray that we will be able to return to Medjugorje (God willing) someday and if we do, we will certainly call you to lead our group.
Ed and Marie (Oct 2004)

On the left, a group of pilgrims visit Mother's Village Orphanage in Medjugorje.
Thank you very much for sharing the love of Blessed Mother and her son Jesus! This fourth reunion pilgrimage and the International Godparenthood Program has been a special blessing! This is a special ten year reunion of Blessed Mother's family at Medjugorje for me. God's Blessing and Thank you so much!
Karen (Oct 2004)

Thank you once again. You always make the pilgrimage special. You both have a gift from God to be able to help us all along with our journey of faith.

Your knowledge, friendship, care and thoughtful consideration truly made our trip a memorable experience we will not forget.Of course, our Lady also had a lot ot do with it too! The trip was wonderful thanks to you and your efforts. God bless you for all you do and for the hundreds of pilgrims you take to visit Gospa, Queen of Peace.

On the left, Frank and Nives on the bus, guiding the tour to Medjugorje.
Thank you for a wonderful, spiritual, awesome pilgrimage! You are the best and I hope to take more trips with you!

Thank you for your joy, your goodness and your enthusiasm.

Thank you to both of you. As usual, this trip is as great as the others, but each in their own way - Fantastic!

On the left, pilgrims take a break to have a drink.
Thank you for such an indescribably wonder-full pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I truly experienced the hand of Our Lady in the way in which (we) ended up with your group. I thank you and Our Lord and His Mother with all of my heart for having blessed me with so much through this pilgrimage. My life is forever changed - especially my relationship with Mary, Our Blessed Mother.
I want to thank you for having responded to God's call through Mary who asked you to bring pilgrims to her in Medjugorje. I am so grateful to you for having said "yes" to God and Our Lady. Thank you also for incorporating such a communal spirit of prayer and faith - sharing within our group. It enriched us all and truly bonded us.
Love and prayer, Chris

The best compliment I can give you is "See you again next year!"

Frank and Nives in the Garden at Jelka's

Thank you for a very spiritual and well planned pilgrimage. We both feel blessed to have gone to Medjugorje with you as our escort. We enjoyed all parts of the trip, our group and our priests. We thank you for our accommodations and time with Ivan and his family. Everything about Medjugorje was special, all in its own way.
Marilyn and John

Thank you for coordinating such a beautiful and memorable trip. I am lucky to have made your acquaintance. I'm sure I will be back again to Medjugorje. I miss the peace, St. James church, Jelka's food and the good conversation we all had.
Mary Kay (April 2002)

On the left, pilgrims at the Cross on the mount.