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your Spirit!

We offer special low add-on fares whenever possible.
  • Chicago: $250
  • Denver: $350
  • Kansas City: $350
  • Contact 206 Tours for pricing for other origination cities

Our all inclusive tour prices are based on appropriate airfares from New York. When traveling from another city, add the add-on fare shown. Advise us of your departure city at the time of booking your reservation. Although fares indicated are to be added to New York price, the routing of your flight may not be through New York. For example, if you are departing from Los Angeles, you may fly non-stop to Europe, or if you are flying from Kansas City, you may be routed through Chicago.

Accommodations in Medjugorje:
Upon arrival you will transfer with a private coach to Medjugorje where you will meet and lodge with your village host family; the home of a visionary (if possible) or the homes of their relatives.

On the left, home of a visionary's cousin, Jelka Dragicevic, in Medujorje.

Breakfast and dinner are served daily in Medjugorje along with an evening snack. Unused meals are non-refundable.

On the left, Jelka and her family provide tasty meals and peaceful accomodations. (Jelka, Drazen and Katica)

Spiritual Activities:
Each day you will have the opportunity to celebrate Mass in English, attend talks concerning the events of Our Blessed Mother's call for peace, visit Apparition Hill and Mt. Krizevac, visit with visionaries, villagers and priests whose lives have changed since Our Lady first came to the village of Bijakovici. You will also speak to those who have experienced the miracle first-hand and experience the miracle of the gift of love and peace.

On the left, Fr Jozo and Nives share fellowship during a Godparenthood reunion. Fr. Jozo was the pastor in Medjugorje when the apparitions began and it was he who protected the visionaries during the first harrowing months.
Extensions for other trips are available on request to cities such as Rome, Vienna, Frankfurt and others. Deviation and revision charges will apply.

Would you like to have a free ticket? Gather 20 people, fully paid, to join one of these groups and you will travel with them for Free! This does not include taxes and lodging.